Global strategic planning

Global strategic planning is the first step upon which we build a long-term relationship with each client. We look at the company’s current competitive position, identify gaps and opportunities, and design a unique and realistic strategic roadmap. We then develop strategic and financial options to achieve its long-term objectives, which may include organic growth, M&A, joint venture, direct investment, outsourcing, strategic alliance, debt and equity financing, divestiture of non-core business, or other strategic and financial arrangements.

Our intimate knowledge and experience across multiple industry sectors in both emerging and mature markets bring valuable insights and fresh perspectives to our clients. Our access to government agencies, incumbents and financial institutions enables our clients to consider and explore a wide variety of options.

Mergers and acquisitions

We advise corporate buyers and sellers worldwide on M&A transactions. We thoroughly evaluate a company’s value chain and competitive position, and identify areas of strategic focus, from business model to technology, cost structure, operations, supply chain, new market development...etc. Leveraging our global network of financial and strategic resources and expertise, we adopt a creative yet practical approach to identify M&A alternatives, structure and execute cross-boarder transactions for our clients.

Fund-raising and private placement

We help our clients solve their needs for capital in different stages of corporate development cycle, from start-up seed capital, growth capital, to recapitalization. Our relationships with high net-worth individuals, venture capital and private equity funds, and other financial institutions enable us to solve our clients' financing needs in a creative and cost-effective manner.

Direct investment

The current privatization of state-owned enterprises in China and consolidation in certain industry segments present excellent opportunities for western corporate and private equity investors to establish a foothold or expand their current presence in China. We work with strategic and private equity investors in identifying direct investment opportunities and assist them to navigate through the often complex regulatory, due diligence, and negotiation processes.

Joint venture

With extensive experience in establishing and running joint ventures in China across multiple industry segments, we leverage our learning and network of relationships in helping our clients in identifying and selecting the right partner, location, structure, management, and help negotiate the outcome that will align long-term interests of all parties concerned, and mitigate possible risks.

Outsourcing and strategic alliance

Leveraging low costs and large pool of skilled labor and engineering talents in emerging economies, we assist our clients in outsourcing their manufacturing and R&D operations to Asia. We advise our clients in identifying and selecting the right strategic partners, and assist them in building strategic alliances in certain territories around the globe, and help protect their intellectual property during outsourcing.

Divestitures and exit from non-core businesses

We advise our clients on divestitures of non-strategic assets and obligations. Our cross-boarder transactional expertise and global network of buyers enable our clients to plan and maximize exit returns in a discrete manner.

Restructuring and turnaround of distressed business

We help restructure and turnaround distressed or bankrupt businesses from a strategic perspective, by working with strategic and financial investors to recapitalize the current operations, and engage outsourcing, joint venture or direct investment in Asia to drastically improve the cost structure, conduct R&D to improve product offerings, and develop new markets. Since many such businesses do not currently have multinational operations capabilities, we work with law firms specialized in liquidation to give ailing businesses a new opportunity to be competitive again.