While almost all major US/European corporations have international operations, the bulk of the economy is still dominated by small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which unfortunately do not have internal resources or capability to take advantage of various strategic opportunities presented by globalization. This market segment is also underserved by major investment banks and strategy consultants who understand international business.

Aquarian Capital is well positioned to serve this market, particularly in industry segments that are fragmented, dominated by privately owned SMEs, or have strong inertia to change.


We align ourselves with the long-term interests of our clients, develop and help execute their corporate strategies in light of globalization opportunities, and provide governance support at board level. We are open to implement all forms of development so long as they are in the best interest of all stakeholders, including M&A, direct investment, joint ventures, strategic alliances, out-sourcing, and organic growth.

As long-term partners, we highly value integrity, creativity, openness, mutual trust and commercial discipline, and only work on a very selective basis with clients who share our values. We ensure there is no direct competition among our clients or partnerships.

Our US/European clients are small- to medium-sized companies that are usually privately-owned, without significant international presence, in industries that are facing strong or rapidly increasing competition from emerging economies. We help these clients establish operations in China to optimize cost structure, develop new markets, and conduct R&D activities at competitive costs.

Our clients in the Greater China region are medium- to large-sized companies that are innovative with international aspirations. We help them develop international growth strategy and roadmap, and build sustainable presence through organic and/or step-out initiatives, with the ultimate objective to turn them into world-class global enterprises.

Our partners include a wide range of reputable financial and strategic investors who share our vision and strategy with respect to our clients, and can add significant value to the growth of their businesses.